For sustainable Future

Our future is electric:

5G technology in wearables and IoT are hitting the markets – and along they bring huge need for mobile energy. 

We at Takila Energy Solutions want to make sure that our future is clean and sustainable as we pursue our active daily lives.

At the solution’s core is PVDF yarn, which has another material at its core. When stretched, the two materials react through piezoelectric effect, generating electricity.The yarn can be woven into fabrics, which will increase the available length of the yarn and electricity output – more wire, more power.
This energy harvesting solution can be then integrated in clothing, which will provide electricity to its power needs or through connectors to external devices.

To clothing manufacturers we are offering an energy platform on which you can build your own safety features. These features can for example include safety lights to improve worker visibility in dark, or sensors for monitoring worker safety and ergonomics.

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